One of the things that I have really come to love about living near Salt lake City is the variety of restaurants available. My husband and I have ventured to quite a few, but here are my top 2 favorite spots.

Bruges Waffles and Frites

Bruges Waffles and Frites in Salt Lake City, Utah

They have four Utah locations, downtown Salt Lake City (the one we have been to), Sugar House, Draper, and Provo. We went on a triple date with some friends to Bruges. We loved it so much that it is one of places we tell all of our out of town friends they need to come to when they are in town.

You can check their site here, for menu and directions. Pictured above is the Monster Waffle,  the Liege Waffle with creme fraiche and strawberries. I had them add some chocolate inside the waffle. We have been here a few times and I wish I would have taken pictures of the different things we have tried, but we mostly went at night when lighting wasn’t great, and the company was so good I forgot I had a camera with me. Maybe next time…I think I know what our next date night is (probably day-cause I gotta get that pic)!

Speaking of date night, the next place is hands down the BEST burger joint I have ever been to.


My husband and his co-workers try a lot of new things. First, it was different flavored sodas, then chocolates, cheeses and then burgers. They went to several before finding this little gem and they all agree it is the best! My husband was super excited to introduce me to it. Especially since he knows how much I LOVE me a good burger. What can I say? I am an American gal. My first burger was The Harlot (not on the menu anymore, but you might be able to ask them to make it for you). Delicious pulled pork on a burger patty with slightly melted cheese curds, and gravy dripping over sweet potato fries. The next time I tried the Kill Me Softly burger, with arugula, cranberry sauce, bacon and blue cheese on a Krispy Kreme Doughnut bun. It was good, but The Harlot is still my favorite.

Cheddaburger in Salt Lake City, Utah

They have several others on the menu that my husband and his coworkers all loved. My husband’s favorite is the Silly Round Eye with pastrami and Swiss cheese, then a twist – kim chi (spicy korean cabbage). Every burger has such a unique blend of flavors, maybe even unexpected, but always so delicious. We also tried the Comfort Kid which are brussel sprouts, chedda cheese, BBQ pulled pork, fried egg and sriracha mayo. YUM! It does not disappoint! No one that I know has ever walked away disappointed.

To see more of what is on their unique menu as well as locations you can check it out here.

My husband and I love to try new places and things, so if you have any suggestions we are all ears. Please share.

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